Whoopee! Here’s my crowdsource page to get my research to Morocco and the world! The World Environmental Education congress to be precise. Please sponsor me and share, please pretty please : ) What an opportunity to find out more about successful environmental education all around the world and share my findings. I’m blown away by the support so far and know with your help i can reach my target and get there!

Funnily enough, Margaret Thatcher dying on the same day imbues my begging letter with significance. UK higher education is being privatised, schools too and university students like me are in debt up to their ears. I have responded by doing whatever it takes to get my research out there. This is state education DIY style (and why I support Free Universities such as those at Lincoln Social Science Centre that encourage low / no fees, free speech and critical thinking, long may it continue).

Thanks further to the neoliberal legacy Thatcher helped to birth, good stuff like Forest School, environmental education and other outdoor play and learning struggles to get embedded into our schooling and care for children. Many of us help others to establish positive connections with nature, gradually changing and challenging the elite industrial culture,Image that which seems to work against all common sense. We work for a culture of respect for ourselves, each other and all species but this can be tricky in a neoliberal climate. My research enquires into how this actually happens by examining practitioners experiences and offers practical suggestions as to how to act. Don’t even get me started about why useful stuff about ensuring species survival (including ours) or how to be nice to each other isn’t taught or researched more often. Hopefully I’ll find out some success stories from around the world at the conference and bring back some positive, constructive skills and tools to share. Please sponsor me, I’m grateful for every pound. And every little pound here hurts the neoliberal agenda, so give generously.

Why oh why, world? Why?!!